• Plant & Machinery Auctions
  • Scrap Auctions
  • E-waste Auctions
  • Uncleared cargo Auctions
  • PCB Certificate required materials Auctions
  • E-Procurement & Logistics

Business Liquidations

Our team offers expertise in converting business unused assets to cash quickly. We understand the time-sensitive nature of relieving debt service and unwinding business affairs. We have helped countless businesses and lending institutions liquidate assets and inventory including Plant & Machineries, Scrap, IT assets, e-waste, Inventory, Un cleared Cargo, finished goods etc.

Online Auctions

As the popularity of auction grows, so does the demand for online bidding and auctions. We conduct live auctions where bidders can bid remotely, and where the seller gets transparency and best realisation value.

Innovated Marketing Solutions

Your assets are important to you, so do we value it. We focus on both traditional and cutting-edge marketing tactics to ensure your assets receive the best marketing available. Apart from the existing exclusive buyers data the market is explored consistently.  This gives exclusive advantage to our clients by having a most competitive auction marketing in the region.